A little insight into the cookie world!

Quite often I get an email requesting x many CUSTOM cookies to be ready for pickup within 48 hours. This is always impossible for me as I make every single order fresh just for you!


I think what people don't realize is the amount of time it takes to complete any order, from start to finish we are talking days!

Everything is hand prepared by me alone.

We are talking about purchasing ingredients (especially if you request something outside of what I normally make), preparing the doughs, rolling and cutting shapes takes hours.

Making the icing, preparing each colour and every single consistency takes anywhere from 2-5 hours, no joke! That's all before I get to the fun part of actually decorating your cookies. Depending on the amount of detail in the designs that you have requested, each cookie can take many hours to days between drying times to achieve a perfected and exquisite piece of edible art.

Please bear in mind also that discussing your order with you, researching, planning and sketching out designs takes time too!

How I create my price list
I price per cookie and quote your order based on the size, detail and time it takes to create each cookie from your order!

Placing an order

I ask for a 50% non refundable deposit once we have negotiated and confirmed your order/date. This deposit is a guarantee for your order date. 

Because we are dealing with a perishable and edible product, the remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to your order date to confirm that you wish to continue with your order and will not be refundable. 


Your custom order quote includes boxing your cookies into one elegant window bakers box lined and layered with tissue paper. 

If you require fancier wrapping, ie. if you require each cookie to be individually packaged for presentation then please contact me for quotation.

Minimum orders
I require a minimum order of two dozen cookies.

Please do not ask for discounts on orders as each cookie takes just as long to decorate as the first cookie does.       

*At this time I only accept cash & e-transfers*

Examples of pricing:

(price is per cookie)

Deer                               $5.25

Fox                                 $5.25

Hedgehog                     $4.25

Racoon                          $5.25

Owl                                $5.00

Engagement Ring       $5.00

Standing up                 prices        Cookies                       start  at                                          $7.00

6 Tiered cookie            $11.00